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Beginner’s luck?

So about a week and a half ago, I decided to join Weight Watchers online. I can’t actually join Weight Watchers because there’s nowhere to go to meetings around here, so I just have to do it on my own online, do my own weigh-ins at home, and just use the online community for support. The website is pretty good, and since I started it’s been a real eye-opener. Since I started actually keeping track of what I eat, I realize what I was doing wrong all this time. I started measuring out my food portions, and I can see that I was used to eating double and triple servings of things. No wonder it was impossible for me to lose weight. I’ve also had to replace my evening snacks of chocolate and popcorn with fruit, since fresh fruit is zero points and I’m often out of points by that time but still hungry or craving something sweet.
At my first weigh-in on Wednesday, I had an amazing FIVE POUNDS lost. I was thrilled! I’ve been bragging to everyone I know, which I probably shouldn’t have done so prematurely as I may have jinxed myself (also, I have another 67 lbs. to go so there’s nothing to really celebrate yet).

I worry that last weigh-in’s success may have been beginner’s luck … even though I’m not supposed to weigh myself until Wednesdays, I had snuck a peak at the scale on the weekend and the 5 lbs. had been gone even then … this weekend, I snuck another peak and I am up a pound! I hope things turn around by Wednesday. I want so badly to lose weight. Yes I have my selfish and shallow reasons (fashion, romance, etc.) but now that I’m turning 30 I really have to start thinking about the health risks of obesity as well.

I never wanted to join Weight Watchers … I have always believed that I could do it on my own, that I didn’t need any help or “program,” I didn’t believe in diets. But after trying so hard for the past two years, exercising almost everyday, I just kept packing on the pounds. I realized, I do need help. And I kept seeing the commercial for Weight Watchers online, so I thought, why not?

Here’s hoping that I will have more success with my weight loss and that the extra pound this week will come off quickly. I have 6 months before summer to get in shape and I’d really like to enjoy my summer and not be embarrassed in a bathing suit.


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Just a silly girl (er, woman?) trying to improve my life as I enter my 30s. I'm working on my body, my career, and my attitude. I used to let crappy relationships ru(i)n my life, but that was the old me. Now I focus on myself and if I ever meet the man of my dreams that is just icing on the cake.

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