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I was really excited about leaving for Winnipeg tomorrow but now I just feel tired, frustrated that I’m not packed yet, and worried about my pup. I think he might be getting sick, and here I am getting ready to leave town. And it’s for work so I have to go. I might be imagining it … he seemed pretty peppy when we walked this evening, but now he is acting weird. He won’t come in the house (normally he is scratching at the door to get in), and he had no appetite this evening. He ate his dinner finally, but he usually eats voraciously, every bite, and he just kind of picked at it, left some in the dish. He’s outside playing now with the other neighbourhood dogs. I hope he’ll be ok. Maybe he just had a tummy ache (I found some kind of fabric with stripes on it in his poop, I have no idea what he ate; it looked like a bedsheet, but I don’t have sheets like that). My poor puppers, I wish he would come back inside and let me rub his belly, but he keeps running off!


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