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Oops! I’ve been neglecting this blog …

I had a good vacation, now back to the daily grind. Work has actually gone from bad to worse lately, which has led to stress-eating, which has led my weight loss efforts to stall. Unfortunately. But after another week of the scale not budging, I realize that I need to stop this vicious cycle! I have been losing and gaining the same 3.5 lbs. since mid-February.

I wanted to look awesome this summer, but I feel the pressure that time is quickly running out. I have about 2.5 months left before I will be arriving home for the summer, and I have to look fabulous. Especially in case I run into my ex-boyfriend. I dumped him, but I still need him to know what he is missing out on. Terrible? Plus it’s been eight months since I’ve gotten laid (Christmas fling aside, since we didn’t go “all the way”), so it’s actually even more of a motivation for me that I might even *gasp* meet someone new! Dare I dream!? Summer is the time for love, etc.

Tomorrow is Thursday, so this hellish week is officially more than half-over, THANK GOD. Here’s hoping that tomorrow is a good day and that no children: a., tell me to f*** off (happened three times this week), or b., threaten to burn my house down (happened once this week).

Oh, I totally glossed over my vacation in Hawaii. It was not that eventful. I spent a lot of time with my brother, which was good but difficult, as he is a bit of a hothead and we generally don’t get along. Also we are too much alike. But he was quite a gracious host and we bonded over The Walking Dead (over til October, tears! Now what do I do with my Sunday nights?). I ate lots of yummy food and had a few delicious drinks. I saw many attractive people, and a few of them even flirted with me! (Ego boost, yaaay.) Also I got ID’ed several times. When you’re 30, that is the highest of compliments. Oh and I did some shopping. And I worried about my dog. Ok, time for bed. Thinking positive thoughts for tomorrow!


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