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It’s been a lazy day … blizzard, if you can believe! So no walking today … just relaxing with the dog, who is constantly in and out of the house. I love lazy Sundays … made a beef stirfry for dinner with lots of bell peppers, and had some Greek yogurt and strawberries for dessert. Unfortunately, I am still hungry so I might have an apple or something. It’s messing me up that it doesn’t get dark now til 10:00 at night … normally it would be dark right now and I’d be getting ready for bed, and therefore not thinking about food!

I lost another 1.5 lbs. on my last weigh-in, for a total loss of 14.5 lbs. However, I feel like I will not have a loss this week because I haven’t been so great with my eating (a box of Kraft Dinner on Wednesday, some chips and pop on Friday). But I’m still hopeful.

Things have been better at work, less stressful. I haven’t talked to my crush in almost two weeks but I decided to just put it out of my mind for now … there’s nothing I can do when we’re halfways across the country from each other. When I see him this summer, I guess I will know what’s what. Things are winding down now, only 8 more weeks and I have my summer off! So looking forward to seeing my family and friends again. Sorry for such a boring blog entry, but I am seriously lazy today!


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  1. TheGirl

    Well you are losing weight (1-2 lbs a week is great!) and everyone needs a cheat day or two. Because if you’re on a strict diet that doesn’t allow you to indulge then it won’t be a permanent lifestyle change. And that’s ultimately, what we should all be aiming for, not a weight-loss diet but permanent healthy diet. Anyway keep it up!

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