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Well it’s been just over two weeks since I left and started my vacation. I have to admit, it hasn’t exactly been the stress-free holiday that I’d hoped for. There’s a lot of stress involved with work right now, regarding benefits and things like that, that I will not discuss here, but suffice to say I’ve been emailing and calling certain people for over a week straight and it’s really stressing me out and taking the joy out of my vacation. I wasn’t going to look into other jobs but a friend sent me a job ad so I did apply for one job. I would feel terrible to back out of my contract, but my employers are not upholding their end of the contract anyway.

In other news, Bubby traveled pretty well but putting him into the cargo hold of 4 different planes definitely traumatized him somewhat, and he’s developed a bit of separation anxiety since we got home. However, that seems to be abating. He really likes it here at my mom’s house (it’s much bigger than my house too). He has been relaxing a lot, but not eating too much so I’m worried. We are going to the vet tomorrow though. And next week, private session with a dog trainer to help me exert some control of this wild one. He has selective listening skills. He did not really have a good time at my sister’s house in Toronto because we had to keep him separated from her 3 dogs (chihuauas and a poodle). They did not get along at all. It was sad, because I think Bubby really misses his doggie friends. But we’ve had some great nature hikes since we got here.

Still nothing going on in the romance department, as me and my crush have not managed to get a chance to meet up. I have a dog. He has a kid and a job. We live in different towns, etc. But hopefully soon and I can see if there are any sparks. Anyway I’ve had a really active social life since I got back so it’s not like I will be crying over this guy anyway!

Weight hasn’t budged much at all, but considering what I’ve been eating and drinking that’s not a bad thing. Was thrilled to find that jeans I couldn’t wear at Christmas are now fitting again!


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