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I am falling behind in the “biggest loser” competition … in the past 2 weeks, I have only lost 0.9 lbs. I have been eating really well and cut back on the drinking a lot, but I guess I need to step up the workouts and try eating even less (sigh – it is so hard). I am also going to try to follow my Weight Watchers even more closely … I usually use up all points available to me (daily, weekly extras, activity points). This week I am going to try not to use them all up and see if that helps. I have been finding some low-calorie meals and side dishes that are really helping me stay within my points – for example, having roasted vegetables like onion and bell peppers as a side dish with a steak, burger, or chicken breast, instead of a baked potato or rice; also, I have been eating a lot of whole-wheat english muffin topped with tomato slices and fat-free mozzarella cheese, put in the broiler. It’s not super delicious but it’s a lot of bang for your buck.

My darling is sick today … I wish he didn’t live so far away so I could take care of him. But I will be seeing him again this weekend, yay! 🙂

We had the afternoon off today due to weather, so I enjoyed a nap and a workout with the virtuagym app. I really like it because I don’t need any equipment.


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  1. James Liu ⋅

    Don’t give up! It’s hard but worth it.

  2. amber28wwmwd ⋅

    On a cooking note, if you add a little basil and balsamic vinegar to your English muffin with tomato and mozzarella (I assume you already put salt on the tomato?) that should probably taste loads better. On a nutrition note… it seems like you fluctuate a lot, losing and then gaining the second your motivation fades. I know this is frustrating. It sounds like your body in particular might benefit from a try at Primal/Paleo? has some great articles and advice on that, if you were in the market for something new. Not saying it’s the only way, just saying that what you’re experiencing is a common symptom of bodies who do well on Primal. 🙂

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