Finished detoxing …

So I am on Day 10 of the 10-Day Detox Diet … so not quite finished, but close enough. I didn’t follow the diet to the letter as recommended – actually, I played it pretty fast and loose with the rules – but I still lost 6.9 lbs. in these past 10 days (and finally got back into the 170s and my skinny jeans) so I’m happy.
I did do the full ten days without coffee, alcohol, junk food, or processed foods. I did do a bit of cheating though … I had a few servings of fruit daily, which is not allowed; other indulgences included yogurt, rice, a few slices of bread, a potato, and two sweet potatoes. Other than that, I did follow the diet … but I mixed-and-matched the daily recipes.
I never imagined I could go 10 days without chocolate … so proud of me!
My headaches have subsided a lot, but are still there occasionally. I have way more energy than before, and way less brain fog … and also just a general feeling of well-being. I would recommend the Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet to anyone who is looking to make a lifestyle change for the better, or just simply looking to jump start a weight-loss program or fit into a size smaller outfit. It works!
My challenge now is to re-introduce some of the foods I gave up without overdoing it … don’t want to lose 7 lbs. only to pack it back on again. The book recommends that if you have over 25 lbs. to lose (and I do!) that you should continue the eating plan for another 90 days, but I didn’t know that when I started and I think I am going to take a break for a while before doing the program again. Everybody needs a little treat once in a while!
It took about 4 days on the diet before I started to feel good … the first 2 days especially were awful. I was in bed for the whole two days with a horrible migraine. I blame myself because I did get drunk the night before, which was pretty much the worst possible way to start the diet.
If I hit another plateau or if I gain anything at all, I will be doing the detox again!