So I’m still all about the detox … tried to start it again for the second time, but I did so much cheating I just went completely off the rails … fail! It’s much too humid and summery to not be having a refreshing strawberry daiquiri in my bubble bath on a daily basis. Luckily, I have a very guilt-free strawberry daiquiri recipe: combine in the blender a handful of frozen strawberries (as much as you want), vodka (I usually do 2 or 3 shots), and a big glass of water mixed with Crystal Light pink lemonade (or any kind of lemonade will probably do). That usually yields me two big glasses of daiquiri and puts a smile on my face. Also, the only points come from the vodka (strawberries and Crystal Light are free on Weight Watchers).

So today is kind of like my first real day back on the detox, and I intend to do better this time. On my last detox I lost 8.3 lbs. all told, but gained back 3 lbs. I am hoping to get into the 160s this time … which would put me at my lightest weight since I was in high school.

Another thing that makes detoxing difficult in the summer, besides the fact that every day is a drinking day, is the fact that so many family members are home. My brother is coming home from Hawaii tomorrow, and my sister is coming from Toronto on Friday with my baby niece and I can’t wait!! So I’m sure we will end up doing some drinking while they are home. I guess if I am going to insist on drinking, I can still cut out the other culprits such as chocolate, take-out, and Tim Horton’s iced capps …