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Takin’ a chance …

So since I last posted, I’ve been talking to Snakes Guy a lot. It’s going really well, but we still haven’t met in person yet because he hasn’t moved here yet. I thought it was a bit odd, but he said that he wanted to get to know someone for a while before meeting them anyway. So it’s been going really well, lots of texting and exchanging pictures, and we also talk on the phone almost every night. I really like him. I’m just afraid of getting hurt again. But you have to take a chance. I’ve also warmed up to the idea of his snakes, and he says I will never have to feed them. I guess I will have to see how it goes when we meet in person … if we click or not. I have literally never done this online thing before, like meeting the person face-to-face, so I am really nervous. We have so much in common but you never know until you meet in person. Wish me luck!
Not much else new to report … have been back to work, same old same old. Have kept off the weight I lost from my detox but having a hard time getting started on another one … very little motivation. Although Snakes Guy will be here in 9 days so maybe that should motivate me hahaha. :/


About 30fatsingle

Just a silly girl (er, woman?) trying to improve my life as I enter my 30s. I'm working on my body, my career, and my attitude. I used to let crappy relationships ru(i)n my life, but that was the old me. Now I focus on myself and if I ever meet the man of my dreams that is just icing on the cake.

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