It’s been about a month since my last post … I suck at blogging.

Still in my 30s.

Still fat.

No longer single 🙂

I hit it off with Snakes Guy … we are officially an item!

It turns out that the snakes don’t really bother me … I’ve even touched and held them! So that’s new …

Work has been stressful lately and my diet has gone to $hit, but I can’t get the smile off my face because I’m falling in loooove 🙂

He’s really the greatest guy I’ve ever met … probably too early to feel this way, but it feels like we’ve known each other for years.

Hopefully this all doesn’t go to $hit, like all the relationships of the past!

We see each other whenever we can … hopefully the 90 min. drive doesn’t put a damper on things.