There’s no friends like doggie friends …


My dog is the one on the right … the other dog belongs to a friend of mine. We try to take them out for free runs together once in a while so they can play. Socializing is so important … and of course I get to socialize with my friend as well 🙂

Having a dog has been so great for helping me get my minimum 10,000 steps a day … I like to say that he’s my personal trainer 🙂


Wakey wakey …

For some reason, I keep waking up at 5:50 every morning (my alarm doesn’t go off until 6:30). It is frustrating because then I am tired all day. Why do I keep waking up!? Is it because I’m getting old?

And then I can’t get back to sleep, so instead of lying in bed and feeling frustrated, I have been getting up and being productive by taking my Husky for an early morning walk. I think he really appreciates it, and now I’m adding in about 100 extra minutes of walking each week. Score! 🙂

I haven’t kept up with this blog very well lately … my bad. I’ve been very busy with work, etc. I like having a busy day at work because it makes the day zip by, but it can be stressful sometimes too. I have also been doing a lot of running around to help my sister because she had surgery and can’t drive, and can’t move around too much for a while.

My shoulder has been improving; and I’m happy that I finally have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon next month to find out if I need surgery or not. I will be relieved once I found out either way. Now that the weather is warming up, I’ve been getting outside a lot more and loving it.

Reptile Man and I have a double date this weekend, which I am very much looking forward to. I love spending time with other couples, but it’s something we don’t get to do very often; I guess partly because of the long distance nature of our relationship, we spend as much time alone together as possible.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Have a good one everybody! 🙂

And just like that …

… the holidays are almost over!

I am really looking forward to having an enjoyable New Year’s Eve after the last several crap ones. I have an awesome boyfriend to kiss at midnight, a beautiful dress (that I got for sale $30 oh yeah!), and a party to go to.

Speaking of boyfriend, he spent Christmas with me and my family and I couldn’t be happier. We spent six days/nights together in a row (three at my place, then three at his). He spoiled me over Christmas with so many nice gifts, including a key to his apartment ❤ 🙂 Also a beautiful necklace. I am the luckiest, happiest girl in the world. We haven’t had a real “fight” yet (well, it’s only been three months so we should still be on our “honeymoon”), but spending so much time together has caused us to bicker a bit and irritate each other at times. We are currently spending two days apart so we can have some time alone and do the things we need to do … he is working today, actually. I also had a pile of laundry to do (he has no washer/dryer).

Pants are tight, especially with all of the holiday eating and drinking … however, I have started walking again with my dog (my mother the angel was taking care of him and walking him due to my broken collarbone). I am really enjoying the holidays (and time off work) and although I am dreading going back to work (because I have so much to do when I go back), I am kind of looking forward to starting my detox and getting some of this combination holiday/accident weight off.

Still recovering … tomorrow will be three weeks since my accident. I am still in a lot of pain, and there are many other headaches associated with this … it was a real kick in the pants getting my ambulance bill in the mail yesterday. I get hit by a drunk driver and now I am having to pay bills upon bills, filling out paperwork for insurance, taking time out of my day for appointments, etc. … all of this on top of the actual pain. But yes, I know that I am lucky to be alive and relatively well, and it could have been a lot worse. I’m so happy that myself and my sweet guy are ok. We celebrated his birthday this week and soon we will have our first Christmas together. 🙂

Physically, there have been some improvements … we are able to have (gentle) sex again, YEAH! And I can’t go to yoga, lift weights, etc. but I have started walking again. I also try to get more steps in each day (the Fitbit helps with that). I also started driving again, even though it makes me nervous.

I have decided that I will try my detox diet again starting on January 5th … the craziness of the holidays will be over then and I should be recovered enough to do some gentle exercise (hopefully).

Wishing everyone healthy and happy holidays XO

Go hug the one you love! And love your pets. And be happy. 🙂

Random update … my life has been pretty uneventful lately. Ok, boring. So I did lose 1.7 lbs. last week (yay!) but I have another weigh-in tomorrow and I’m a little bit worried about it because I’ve been a naughty girl. The boyfriend and I took his son to McDonald’s on Saturday. I tried to be good … I had a side garden salad with my quarter-pounder with cheese instead of fries (seeing that in writing seems more terrible than actually saying it).

I started going to yoga classes. I’ve gone to 4 classes in the past week. I have learned that I suck at yoga. Really, I am terrible. Not flexible at all. But I’m enjoying it and my pants are not as tight. I always feel really loose and stretched-out afterwards. I guess I will improve in time. The only yoga I did before this was on the Wii Fit, and it wasn’t as hard … I guess because I didn’t have an instructor pushing me or showing me the actual right way to do things, or how to do more advanced moves.

Sadly, I injured my foot 6 days ago while I was running on the treadmill. I was pushing it a bit too hard maybe for somebody who is really out of shape. I guess I will have to go get it checked out at the doctor’s office, but I haaaaate going to the doctor. I am actually limping when I walk, so obviously I did something bad!

I am working on convincing the town to build a dog park, so that’s exciting … I would love to have a place to bring my pup and let him run around. He has sooo much energy.

Valentine’s Day coming up but it looks like I won’t be seeing my man, due to him working all weekend and a (nother) snowstorm coming. But we have decided to wait until the following weekend, when he will be off work and we both have birthdays around that time. Yes, I will soon be 31 … scary!

Well it’s been just over two weeks since I left and started my vacation. I have to admit, it hasn’t exactly been the stress-free holiday that I’d hoped for. There’s a lot of stress involved with work right now, regarding benefits and things like that, that I will not discuss here, but suffice to say I’ve been emailing and calling certain people for over a week straight and it’s really stressing me out and taking the joy out of my vacation. I wasn’t going to look into other jobs but a friend sent me a job ad so I did apply for one job. I would feel terrible to back out of my contract, but my employers are not upholding their end of the contract anyway.

In other news, Bubby traveled pretty well but putting him into the cargo hold of 4 different planes definitely traumatized him somewhat, and he’s developed a bit of separation anxiety since we got home. However, that seems to be abating. He really likes it here at my mom’s house (it’s much bigger than my house too). He has been relaxing a lot, but not eating too much so I’m worried. We are going to the vet tomorrow though. And next week, private session with a dog trainer to help me exert some control of this wild one. He has selective listening skills. He did not really have a good time at my sister’s house in Toronto because we had to keep him separated from her 3 dogs (chihuauas and a poodle). They did not get along at all. It was sad, because I think Bubby really misses his doggie friends. But we’ve had some great nature hikes since we got here.

Still nothing going on in the romance department, as me and my crush have not managed to get a chance to meet up. I have a dog. He has a kid and a job. We live in different towns, etc. But hopefully soon and I can see if there are any sparks. Anyway I’ve had a really active social life since I got back so it’s not like I will be crying over this guy anyway!

Weight hasn’t budged much at all, but considering what I’ve been eating and drinking that’s not a bad thing. Was thrilled to find that jeans I couldn’t wear at Christmas are now fitting again!

It’s been a long time since I updated … I’m the exact same weight, however. Just been going up and down, net gain/loss of zero. Very frustrating.

On the plus side, I have 6 days of school left and have already made travel arrangements for myself and Bubby. Very nervous about his first plane ride(s)! It is going to be difficult travelling alone with him too.

I’m really looking forward to visiting my sister in Toronto, and then going home to Newfoundland to enjoy the summer (and to see if anything happens with my crush). Even though I haven’t lost any weight lately, I still have 16 lbs. total lost, so that’s something to smile about.

The weather has been gorgeous lately. It was amazing how fast this place turned from winter to summer. It seemed almost instantaneous. Getting eaten alive by mosquitoes though.

I have a lot of work to do in the next two weeks, packing for my trip, packing up my classroom, finishing report cards, and helping out with the grad. But I can’t help feeling relieved at the same time.

Oops! I’ve been neglecting this blog …

I had a good vacation, now back to the daily grind. Work has actually gone from bad to worse lately, which has led to stress-eating, which has led my weight loss efforts to stall. Unfortunately. But after another week of the scale not budging, I realize that I need to stop this vicious cycle! I have been losing and gaining the same 3.5 lbs. since mid-February.

I wanted to look awesome this summer, but I feel the pressure that time is quickly running out. I have about 2.5 months left before I will be arriving home for the summer, and I have to look fabulous. Especially in case I run into my ex-boyfriend. I dumped him, but I still need him to know what he is missing out on. Terrible? Plus it’s been eight months since I’ve gotten laid (Christmas fling aside, since we didn’t go “all the way”), so it’s actually even more of a motivation for me that I might even *gasp* meet someone new! Dare I dream!? Summer is the time for love, etc.

Tomorrow is Thursday, so this hellish week is officially more than half-over, THANK GOD. Here’s hoping that tomorrow is a good day and that no children: a., tell me to f*** off (happened three times this week), or b., threaten to burn my house down (happened once this week).

Oh, I totally glossed over my vacation in Hawaii. It was not that eventful. I spent a lot of time with my brother, which was good but difficult, as he is a bit of a hothead and we generally don’t get along. Also we are too much alike. But he was quite a gracious host and we bonded over The Walking Dead (over til October, tears! Now what do I do with my Sunday nights?). I ate lots of yummy food and had a few delicious drinks. I saw many attractive people, and a few of them even flirted with me! (Ego boost, yaaay.) Also I got ID’ed several times. When you’re 30, that is the highest of compliments. Oh and I did some shopping. And I worried about my dog. Ok, time for bed. Thinking positive thoughts for tomorrow!